Find in powerpoint files

If I do a find for 'Containing text' in the Find panel, Opus will search inside Word Documents, but won't search inside Powerpoint documents.

I tried adding .pptx to the list of zip files and enabling 'Search inside archives', but the operation then returns a list of individual xml files from inside the pptx file instead of a reference to the pptx file itself.

Is there a way to get this working?

Adding .pptx to the list of zip files is a bad idea; please undo that if you haven't already.

You need an appropriate IFilter installed to be able to search the contents of PowerPoint files.

Microsoft Office 2010 Filter Pack looks like what you need for .pptx files.

There is also a Microsoft Office 2010 Filter Pack SP2 update. I'm not sure if that's included in the main download.

Both come from Microsoft and I've only found them via searching, so there may be newer/better versions out there, or possibly an optional component that is built into your Office install.

That worked perfectly. Thanks.