Find-Replace adding (1)

When I rename an extension and there is an existing file with the same extension, a duplicate file is created with an added '(1)'.

For me, in most cases, that is just perfect. I can decide later what to do - it could very well be that a file with the same name has a different content (for example : images downloaded from Internet)

However, after performing a -search- and then rename multiple files from the search results panel using Find and Replace from the rename panel, this method seems not to work.

OTOH, if I use F2 rename for each single file, then indeed a new file with (1) is created.

Is there a way to rename multiple files and have this (1) added?


Find & Replace from the rename panel:

SnagIt-18072022 085144

Turn on this:

2022-07-18 13-09-40 Clipboard Image

Ah! Right - thanks!
There it is... was looking at the wrong place, viz. some sort of setting in preferences.
Thanks again.