Find seems to find files that don't match "contains"

V 12.33 x64

Pretty much as the name suggests.

I'm trying to find some file containing a list of batteries. I only know the printout I have contains text so it could be from a number of programs.

I'm using advanced find with "OR" for the files and "AND" for the included text. A lot of files without the word "lithium" were found. The screen shot only shows one very small file for an example of issue.

Am I using the "advanced find" incorrectly?

You’re mixing AND and OR at the same level, which usually doesn’t work how you’d expect.

Use sub-clauses to effectively bracket the OR conditions together and combine them with the AND condition.

Alternatively, combine all the Name conditions into a single one. *.(ext1|ext2|etc) — In fact, you can do this search in Simple mode by doing that.

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