Find with 2 strings of characters


Is it possible with the Find tool that it looks for all files having 2 strings (or more) of characters that I entered, and whatever the position in the name is?

Exemple : I want to find in a folder and its subfolders all the files containing the words "love" and "world"
So I'd like to enter those 2 words in Find with the paramaters that would provide as result my files called "Love for the world" and "World needs love" (even if the last one is not in the same order).

I guess this kind of search would take a while on many files. But is it possible, and if so, how should I proceed please?

Assuming you're using Tools > Find Files tool (not the Windows Search field) you could search for (love*world|world*love), or you could use the Advanced tab and add a separate condition to check for each word.

Wow, it works really well (with the Simple tab), many thanks for providing the appropriate syntax so quickly.
I don't know how the Advanced tab works to create conditions, but I'm completely satisfied with that already :slight_smile:

I love this product, and I love the way you support the community.
Have a great day (or night) :slight_smile: