Finding Duplicate Files

I want to use the find duplicate files but only for big video, audio or other files.

Can I tell Directory Opus 10 Pro to find all duplicate files using MD5 but only for files which fulfill one or more conditions from below.

a) files greater than a certain size
b) all files for a specific extension (e.g. MP4, MP3 etc.)
c) Is it possible to find duplicate media files irrespective of extension (e.g. all video files to be considered irrespective of whether they are wmv, mp4, mkv etc.)

The Duplicate Finder panel has a Filter option which you can use for A and B.

The panel in Opus 12 has an option to match by name, ignoring extension, which may solve C.

(If the names don't match and the videos are in different formats/codecs/containers then there is no easy way to tell two otherwise unconnected files are different encodings of the same source video.)

I am planning to use MD5 for detecting duplicates. Hence, names not matching should not be so much of a concern.
And MD5 is going to match exact duplicates content wise. Hence, the case of different formats also should not arise as duplicates will be listed only if two files are identical in contents (hopefully there will be no MD5 collisions for this).

I can use filter condition to include all popular video formats listed out. I was wondering if there was any way of using "all video files" instead of listing out mp4, wmv, flv, vob, mkv etc. separately

You could filter on the Movies file type group (I am not sure if this was in Opus 10):

But you'll need to add some of those extensions to the file type group, as they aren't all in the default list (e.g. VOB isn't included by default, but can be added via Settings > File Types):

Alternatively, you could use a wildcard like *.(avi|mpg|...) to match all the extensions you're interested in via a single long wildcard, without needing to add one wildcard per extension.