Finding inactive tab

Using Win7 and Dopus 9.5

I usually have about 20 listers open, each with several tabs. I know, I know ... :wink:

Problem is - if I know I have a folder open in a tab in one of the listers, but some other tab is active in that lister, how do I find that particular tab? Other than looking at each lister until I spot the tab I'm after?

Sometimes I can just Win+Tab but often the preview only shows the Dopus icon with a blank background, presumably because I'm stressing it too much with so many listers and tabs :blush:

Any way to get a list of every tab in all listers, active or not?

Thanks :smiley:

You can use variations of Go NEWTAB=findexisting to tell Opus to find the existing tab for a folder or open a new tab if there isn't one. That will only search in the current window, though.

If you don't even know which window the tab is open in, I'm not sure there's a solution for that. Maybe there is that I'm not thinking of. (But if you already have so many windows and tabs open that you don't know which tabs are where, why care about opening one more tab? :slight_smile:)

Aren´t the used directories tracked by the recent & history functions, even across different open listers? This could be perhaps helpful (or using the favorites option).

Thanks both :slight_smile:

Favourites is a possibility, though it switches the current tab rather than finding the tab where that favourite is.

Still searching :slight_smile: