Fixing File Type issues/Reverting back to fresh defualt settings?

I would like to try and restore either some or all of my file types to default settings depending on what my options are. I've done some basic searching for how to do this and can't find anything 100% satisfactory explaining how. Can you help anyone out there?

Are these changes made within Opus or ones other software has made?

What sort of settings do you need to reset?

changes within opus... I'd like to experiement with repairing all the top "main a types" of files - All files, All files/Folders, all folders, etc. I'd like to see if I can revert the entire file type database to original as well. I am interested in mostly knowing if any of this is possible, how I can do it, and what options I have to repair things if things get weird and I don't know what or how to fix them if you could be so kind :slight_smile:

  • Locate /dopusdata in Opus, then open the same folder in File Explorer.
  • Use File > Exit Directory Opus.
  • Rename the FileTypes sub-folder using File Explorer.
  • Launch Opus again.