Flat Drive Compare

Can anyone suggest a way to compare the files on two drives that ignores folder structure?
I just want to know if the files on one drive exist on the other drive in any folder.

I don't know a fast or easy way.
You could try enabling flat view in dopus showing all files and show a hash column. This could be exported to a csv and excel where you could compare two lists, one for each drive.

You could also try http://www.duplicatedetective.com/. It can log all files compared to a CSV. Files without a match will be flagged as No comparison candidates found. You will need to ensure that the file is not duplicated on a single drive.

Beyond Compare

Can do binary compare as well if you need to go to that level.

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Flat View (Mixed No Folders) on both sides.

Then, the Edit > Select Other menu has commands for selecting everything on one side that isn't in the other (based on filenames only).


Thanks Leo! That was what I was looking for!
I'm also using Duplicate Detective and Beyond...
I'm consolidating 10 years of business hard drives and family photos -- it's amazing how hard this is to do!