Flat menus in opus?

i have actived flat menus in my windows and in the normal explorer and any other software they appear. in opus i have normal menus with borders... is there any way to change that?? thx!

check here the difference:

Try these settings; it worked for me:

thanks.. but sadly that didnt work. i must say that i use vista but with classic theme...

Just realized you use the Windows Classic Style ... When I try the settings above using the Classic Style, the menus still have borders... :frowning:

Opus seems to draw the menus using the visual style, so if you want different menus you probably have to change the system's visual style.

How did you change the way Explorer's menus look?

what do you mean exactly by visual style. my windows theme is windows-standard and the tweak to set the menus to flat is described here:


We should have a fix for this in the next version.

very nice!! thanks a lot!

just installed the new version and it is working.. very nice... !! thanksssss!!! :sunglasses: