Flat view option missing

I was a frequent user of an older version of Opus Directory some years ago. The most valuable feature for my work was the Grouped option in Flat View.

I have just installed Version 11.8 and can no longer find Flat View. I have searched this forum and have used the Help function but have not been able to locate/restore this function. The icon that should be on my toolbar is simply not there. please advise.


Flat View is part of Directory Opus Pro, but not in the Light version which you're using there.

If you're still in evaluation mode (i.e. haven't bought an Opus Light licence), you can switch between Pro and Light to try the differences via Help > Licence Manager.

Here's a summary of Pro vs Light differences.

Thanks. I switched to Pro and it works. Please remove the reference to Flat View in the Lite version Help file (it actually shows the icon on the toolbar). It caused me to wasted about an hour of searching for a solution.