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Flat View - Selected Folders Only 12.9


i would like a Flat View - Selected Folders only have some old buttons that are not working on 12.9 is there an option for this now ?


Sorry, that sentence is hard for me to follow.

You have an old button that is no longer working? What is the command which the button runs?

@disablenosel dopusrt /cmd Find RECURSE NAME=* COLLNAME "FlatView-Cache/FlatView-Selected" SHOWRESULTS source,tab IN {allfilepath$}


@disablenosel should be on a separate line at the top by itself, not in the same line as the command.


great that worked but it's a clunky work around would be nice if
Flat View - Selected Folders Only could be add to Dopus as an option even if say ctrl + click ,,,


BTW, the code you found with everything on one line was like that because the forum has a problem displaying old posts with code blocks, if they were formatted in certain ways.

Unfortunately, the forum software changed underneath us, and broke a lot of old threads.

If you see any posts/threads where the code blocks are missing, or everything is jumbled together on one line, please let us know and we will fix them.


will do ,,, hope Flat View - Selected Folders Only can be added :yum: