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Flat View without files (2)

Hi, is there a way to use the "flat tree" without showing any files? So, only folders are shown.
This would show a folder tree, with all the attributes that I have available in my view, but would hide anything that is not a folder.


The folder tree itself only ever shows folders, but if you want something similar in the file display when using Flat View then you can turn on a filter which hides all files.

The quickest way to do that on an ad-hoc basis is to push * to open the filter bar, then click the icon on the left which hides all files.

If you want to do it via a toolbar button or hotkey then that's also possible. Let us know exactly how you want it to work and we can give details. (e.g. You might want a button that turns on the filter and one of the Flat View modes at once, and then acts as a toggle for both.)


Thank you. This indeed does what I want.
It would be great if this could be assigned to a toolbar button that turns the "flat tree view + filter" on and off (so, at once).

Put this on a toolbar button:


If you wanted Flat View (Grouped), change the last line to this:

Set FLATVIEW=On,Grouped

Thanks, this works perfectly!

Hi all,

I would love to use this button. Unfortunately, the linked instructions seem to go over my head. It is also not clear to me which exact part of those instructions should be followed here.

I already tried the script code with both variants "JScript" and "VBScript", but the button doesn't seem work either way. Instead, "Script Error" is displayed in the status bar when clicking the button.

Thanks for any assistance!

I accidentally linked to the wrong post in the thread (due to the forum always jumping to the end of threads you've already visited).

The instructions you want are the Raw Commands section of the first post in that thread: How to use buttons and scripts from this forum

(I've corrected the link in the post above.)

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Thanks very much for the fast action.

Creation of that button worked well now.

Strangely however, the button leads to a different result in my left Lister as compared to the right Lister -- in the same folder.

Clicking the button in the left Lister shows all files and folders in a flat view. Doing so in the right Lister shows only the files and not the folders.

I don't understand why this is the case.

In addition, I would like to see only the folders listed (flat), not the files, when the button is used.

Thankful for any ideas!

There must be something different about how you have the right side set up. e.g. Filters already in place when you run the button.

Try closing the right tab and opening a fresh one.