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Flat View without files (2)


Hi, is there a way to use the "flat tree" without showing any files? So, only folders are shown.
This would show a folder tree, with all the attributes that I have available in my view, but would hide anything that is not a folder.


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The folder tree itself only ever shows folders, but if you want something similar in the file display when using Flat View then you can turn on a filter which hides all files.

The quickest way to do that on an ad-hoc basis is to push * to open the filter bar, then click the icon on the left which hides all files.

If you want to do it via a toolbar button or hotkey then that's also possible. Let us know exactly how you want it to work and we can give details. (e.g. You might want a button that turns on the filter and one of the Flat View modes at once, and then acts as a toggle for both.)


Thank you. This indeed does what I want.
It would be great if this could be assigned to a toolbar button that turns the "flat tree view + filter" on and off (so, at once).


Put this on a toolbar button:


If you wanted Flat View (Grouped), change the last line to this:

Set FLATVIEW=On,Grouped
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Thanks, this works perfectly!