Flickr Sync Problem

It was running OK, then I did something wrong and I ended up sending photos to wrong set and other photos I sent to some sets didn't go into them. I ended up going to Flickr and correcting things there, but, next time I tried I was seeing a repeat of the same problems. Decided it had to be something to do with the .ofd file so deleted it. Running sync again I found DOpus wanted to upload files I had already uploaded. Is there anything else I can do to resolve this? Do I have to delete all the Collections or delete my account from Dopus and start again? I only am interested in uploading to Flickr not downloading from Flickr.

I would delete the account from Opus and then add it back again.

Though if you only want to upload to Flickr, Opus's Flickr syncing is overkill and only complicates things really. For simple one-way, one-off uploading, the Flickr Uploadr tool is better than what's in Opus, IMO, and works great when launched via the context menu in Opus.

(For two-way synching, Opus is still better.)

Thanks. I used to use the Flickr Upload tool some years back, but, it had problems in those days. Will have to download the new one and give it a go. I hadn't realized it could integrate into Dopus via a context menu, very handy. I've also found Dopus doesn't put Exif data into the correct fields and cannot read IPTC data so I presume the Flickr Upload tool must be able to read IPTC data and fill the fields correctly as I've seen on Flickr that Flickr can work with that sort of data.

I've so many photos to upload a good tool like that will help no end. Thought the Flickr one would, but, I've often found it gets confused. Thanks again.

Sorry, that should have read "Dopus" for "Flickr".