"Floating find" window button


If, like me, you don't want find to be stuck inside your main lister, try this button out. It uses a layout called "Find" (you should create this yourself to meet your own requirements) and opens a new DOpus lister ready to 'find' in the current source folder.

<?xml version="1.0"?> <button backcol="none" display="both" hotkey="ctrl+shift+F" textcol="none"> <label>Find</label> <icon1>#find</icon1> <icon2>#show</icon2> <function type="normal"> <instruction>Go NEW=findpanel LAYOUT=Find {s} </instruction> </function> </button>

You can either click on the button or use CTRL+SHIFT+F to invoke. For some reason you can't override CTRL+F.

Comments, suggestions more than welcome - it's my 1st button, but I thought people here might find it useful.

Thanks to the useful key, but still a very important problem is not unsolved.

In DOpus 9.0 very excellent find feature, you can open some find windows in different paths. For example if you open a find window in c:\ path and another find window in d:\ path, the find results for each path are kept separately without any conflict with another find window search results.

In DOpus 10 new find feature that I hate it, the search results are collected in Collections by default, so if you open two different find window for two different path with above key, when you use the first find window for found a file in first path, the results of the second find window will be changed too. I know, we can define a new Collection name for each find window manually to solve this bad problem, but it is not a good idea at all.

My question: Is there any way that you can define a new Collection name for each window automatically every time you click on above key?

I really do not like the new "Find" tool. I would like the old style separate find window functionality. Is there any way I can add that to the new DOpus? As I have some other disappointments with the new version, I am considering removing version 10 and going back to version 9 which I was very happy with. Why fix what is not broken? I tried the "Floating Find Button" solution but cannot get it to work at all. Opening a whole new lister is not what I want, either. Please let me know how to fix this problem.

Have a look on here and here, please.