Floating Office toolbar that won't go away

I have a floating office toolbar that won't go away. Every time I open Dopus fresh it shows up and I have to close it. It is not checked in the context menu but it keeps coming back no matter how many times I close it. The problem isn't critical but it is getting annoying.

Thanks for listening!
Jim Mill :unamused:

Can you show us a screenshot of the toolbar?

I have attached a screenshot.

Go to Settings / Customize, from the Toolbars tab, make sure the toolbar (it's probably called Office or similar) is turned off, and then select the Save Floating Toolbars command from the File menu (in the Customize dialog, that is).

Absolutely beautiful! I am a happy (well, I was already happy) at least less annoyed user. I LUV Dopus! :smiley: