Floating Toolbars - basic newbie question


I'm new to DOPUS but very impressed so far. However, I have some basic questions re Floating Toolbars. As far as I can see, they are just copies of toolbars already in main panel. If this is the case, then what's the point as they don't save any space?

So, am I missing something - is there a way to float a toolbar independently of it's copy?

Thanks in advance.

Floating toolbars remain open, even after closing all listers. So they are great way to open listers and launch programs. Mine looks like this:

Thanks for your reply. So here's now way of preventing them from duplicating the lister toolbar?

You can customize a floating toolbar to have whatever buttons you want on it.

Thanks for your reply. However, I'm interested in creating a floating toolbar that isn't a copy of the lister toolbar - to better explain, I've taken a screenshot.

You can create as many toolbars as you like. You can float any toolbar, even if it's not already open in a Lister, from the Customize / Toolbars page.

Thanks...finally I understand! So, I need to create a toolbar in Lister, float it, then close original toolbar.