Floating transparent toolbar and docked autohide config

I use the floating toolbar and now have two. One that is on the right side and comes out when I have the mouse against the edge. And then I have created that is transparent.
When it is transparent, you have to get within the icon or text to be able to press the button, I want it to change so it is enough to hold over the entire button as it is on the other toolbars ex. frame, etc.
The toolbar that is docked and autohide would be nice if it does not open all over the right side but only be as big as the buttons.
Hoping for more features in the new Dopus (13) where you can change the floating toolbar more. bigger icon, little "titlebar" like fullscreen in Virtualbox, etc.

We'll make it work that way in the next update.

Docked toolbars should already only be as wide (or tall) as the widest (or tallest) button on them. If you have one on the left or right and it's wider than expected, there's probably a wide element on it somewhere.

Nice, very good! :grinning:

I think you misunderstood. Autohide and docked behave like windows taskbar to me, but I want it to open only a small part of the length. If there are e.g. four buttons it opens a large toolbar that extends from the top to the bottom and the rest is just a background color. (docked on the right side) Wants it to be as large as the number of buttons or if you can simply have a transparent background when it is docked.
Hope I explained a little better now :grinning:

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