Focus bug?

Hi again,

after having experimented a bit more with that great program I discovered that in list mode (vertical layout) there are strange behaviors when having many files in a lister (so that the horizontal scrollbar appears).

first: when clicking on a file that file gets marked but the window focus jumps too far right and the mouse suddenly is in the next column instead of the column of the clicked file or over the clicked file

second: when I´m in the right portion of the lister (with many files) and try to drag a file onto a folder that is in the left portion but invisible at the moment (going to the upper or left lister border) then the lister doesn't scroll at all

It would be nice if these behaviors were just the other way round (first case: no scroll, second case: scroll) - or did I overlook something in the preferences?


As your attorney I advise you to use Details/Power/Thumbnail modes. :slight_smile: