Focus change after file deletion in DOpus 9

I am still experiencing (in DOpus 9) the unexpected change of focus to a different lister when a file is deleted that I found intermittently in DOpus 8. Has the cause ever been identified and are we any closer to a fix?

In the latest version of Adobe Reader (but not in previous versions), I've noticed that the 'wrong' Reader window gets the focus when a new file is opened. Reader obviously isn't the cause, as this problem is new in its latest version, but is it possible that it might have the same cause as the DOpus issue or betray a system-specific problem?

How are you opening the PDF files in question? In the viewer pane or by double-clicking to launch Adobe Reader itself?

Does the right thing happen when you view PDF files in Internet Explorer?

We're still no closer to a solution to the other problem, since we don't have a way to trigger it reliably. If anyone can work out what seems to cause it (beyond having the Recycle Bin disabled) then that'd go a long way to finding a solution.

(For what it's wroth, I still haven't seen the issue since the thread came up, but I usually have the recycle bin enabled so that's probably why. I did see it many years ago, when I tended not to have the recycle bin, so I don't doubt something is wrong there, but with it happening so intermittently and infrequently I can see it being hard for GPSoft to reproduce and then fix.)

Thanks for the update.

[quote="nudel"]How are you opening the PDF files in question?[/quote]This applies however they are opened, even if DOpus is not running, so I'm certainly not blaming DOpus for this: one window before the new (intended) one in the history of windows with focus is activated when the new document is opened. I just mention it in case it reveals a common cause specific to some subset of systems.

I dont know if this is my fault or not but im mentioning just in case. twice in a few days now, i have deleted files, got the message that the file was too big for recycle bin, clicked ok, and then discovered that i was deleting files that were open in a different window. It could be that i had clicked on the other window and then pressed delete. luckily for me, my haphazard back up system worked and i was able to get everything or nearly everything back. but based on the previous posts in this thread i am wondering if when there are two dopus listers open or perhaps dual vertical and you click delete for something and then go on to work on another file, is it possible that dopus gets confused and deletes the files in the current window instead of the window where i clicked delete? Because that is what it feels like to me, but again, i can't say for sure.

addendum - in both deletion cases, i was deleting very large sets of files, so that i got a little popup window that calculates the number of files etc before actually deleting.

I don't know of a way that would be possible, and I don't think that was what this thread was actually about.

There used to be an issue where focus would jump to another window when you started a delete. It didn't affect what was deleted, it was just an annoyance where another window came to the front.

Well, as i said, really this could be something i did. its just odd that it happened twice within less than a week, so something for you to keep in the back of your mind in case other people say they experienced something similar, or if it continues to happen to me, i'll let you know. if you want to move this to a different thread, thats fine with me.