Focus on Previous Folder After "Back"

Is there an option to focus on the folder I have just left when I click "back" on the toolbar?

Standard Windows behavior, which is what I am wanting, is to focus on that folder... in DO, currently, it always returns to the top of the folder list after I click back... meaning I have to scroll down to that area of the list of folders manually.

Is there an option to emulate the standard Windows behavior?

Do you mean the Back button or the Up/Parent button?

When going Back, that would normally happen already, since it restores the file selection you had in the previous folder, where you would have double-clicked the folder you're coming back from.

(That is assuming you haven't turned off the History feature, or aren't going back through more folders than it is configured to remember.)

When going Up/Parent, it depends on some other settings whether it reads a fresh copy of the folder or uses the state from the history (if any). The exact setting depends on how you're going Up.

Preferences / Folders / Folder Display / Highlight previous folder on Up/Back for may also be of interest, but is slightly different. It will visually highlight the folder but won't select it.

I'm clicking the back button, just as I would in Windows explorer. In a long list of files I want the focus to be on the folder I just left when I clicked back... meaning that it will have "scrolled" to the folder and it will be highlighted. What I DON'T want is for it to be at the top of the folder list and the folder I just left completely off screen so that I would have to scroll down to it.

I want to reproduce exactly how it works in Windows by default.

Unless I'm confused, what you've described is how Opus behaves by default.

Here's a quick video I made in a virtual machine where Opus had just been installed and run for the first time:

Are we doing and talking about the same thing?

Weird... that's what I'm wanting it to do... but imagine that when you click the back button it is focused on the first folder in the list instead of the highlighted folder that you were just in. That's the behavior I'm getting. I must have changed something I shouldn't have.

edit - Actually, I just checked the "Highlight previous folder on Up/Back" option you mentioned, above, and I think it may have fixed it... doing some testing now.

double edit - Ok, since checking that option I'm not able to reproduce the behavior I was trying to get rid of... it's jumping to the highlighted folder every time. Thanks for your help with this.

Leo, slightly OT but nevertheless in context with the discussion:

When using this proposed option "Highlight previous folder on...", is there an additional setting to format how DO displays that folder?

Currently DO just underlines this folder. What if I would like to set the background, font type, size or color?


Not currently. (That option is turned off in my video, BTW.)