Focussing a command-field per Hotkey?


I placed a command-field to one of my toolbars.
My intention is, to focus this command-field per Hotkey.

Is this possible?

Thx in advance

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Go into customize mode (Settings -> Customize), then right-click on the outline representing the command box and select Edit.

A dialog box will appear where you can set a hotkey.

It's look like this (though this screenshot shows a filter field rather than a command field):

Wow, it works!

Thx a lot!

I have to come back on this again.

Is it possible to copy the filename (including the filepath) of the selected file to the commandbox before it gots the focus?

I set the commandbox-hotkey to Alt+C.
Furthermore I set up a hotkey to Alt+C with the following command:


This copies the filename to the commandbox, but the focussing does not work any longer :frowning:

(Using the search-field in command-mode is not a workaround/solution for me, because i have to use the commandbox' history.

I can't see a way to set the string and give it focus from one button (without cheating by using AutoHotkey or AutoIt).

However, you can use {f} etc. directly in the command field, so you could push the key to give it focus and type {f} for the same effect.

What a pity :frowning:

Thx anyway.

Send GPSoft a request and I'm sure they'll be able to make the CLI command set the focus as well.

Already done :slight_smile: