Folder(1) was copied inside new Folder(2)... Erased Folder(1) THEN: Lost both!

(A) Had Folder(1) which did not allow name changing, "because open document". Closed "document" but did not allow name changing.
Next day, same thing. Changed Folder1 icon to "forbidden sign icon"

B Then copied Folder(1) Inside brand new NewNameFolder(2)

C Made sure both had same size (with F5)

D Deleted Folder1 permanently with Shft-Del

E The copy of Folder(1) inside Folder(2) also was deleted.
Everything was lost! SOS!

That's impossible, unless something very strange was going on at the operating system level, or the copy was only a symlink and not a real copy.

In case you are looking for an undelete tool: I have used Recuva successfully. Get the portable version from Download directly to a thumb drive. Hurry up, if your folders were on an SSD. Good luck!