Folder changes not detected on symlinked network locations

Hello there,

because of another thread dealing with an equal issue, I decided to give Leos check-list a go:

Folder change detection in general works ok here, it is only the local symlinked folders, which point to a UNC network location which do not update. I need to mention, this is if the remote UNC location is on a drive mounted to the filesystem (a drive on the remote computer without a letter, just mounted to a path). If I visit such a problematic UNC path directly, DO does detect any changes.


  • changes on local folders, mapped network drives, UNC paths and symlinkes to UNC paths are detected
  • any change in a symlinked UNC path is not always detected, if the remote endpoint is on a drive mounted to a folder
  • not always means, after stepping up/down a folder or if there is another tab open using a similar path, then it might work
  • Explorer.exe does always detect the change
  • there is "dopus:" output in DebugView.exe if notifcations work for the path in question, not if not
  • there is a relation to the UNC path resolved by DO visible in the title
    Folder changes will not be detected:

Folder changes will be detected:

  • when there is that \?\VOLUME.. in the title, folder changes will not be recognised
  • after stepping down/up a folder from this \?\VOLUME.. location, the title changes to be correct \\\.. etc
  • at this point the folder changes start working (I assume because of successful "subscription" to notifications for that location from now on)

Would be nice if we could investigate and find the reason for this.
Thanks! o)