Folder column settings not sticking

For media content I do not need to see these columns: Attr / Dimensions / Duration / Video Codec

I right-click on any column in the top/parent folder and click "More."

I remove the aforementioned columns from the right selection box.

I click Apply.

I click on the "Save" button at the top and choose "For this folder and all Sub-folders."

I click OK.

I exit and restart OPUS.

Columns reappear.

This is tied in somewhat to my older topic, which has never been resolved. So I am basically tired of looking at these refreshing columns when OPUS is open and would rather not see them at all.

The columns are eithet coming from a folder format (go through all everything listed under Prefs -Folders - Folder Formats ensuring it has only the columns you want) or from a layout, style or the default lister (depending on which you are using; you may need to save over them with the desired setup).

In Opus 10, hover the mouse over the format lock icon in the status bar and a tooltip will explain where the current format comes from. Those are the things that need editing or re-saving.