Folder/file sorting and update/refresh of files

It appears that when I copy files from a tab/folder into another (at least within the same lister), the tab/folder I updated doesn't appear to get resorted/refreshed.
However if I copy files into that folder from another program, the lister/tab for that folder gets resorted and refresehed everytime with the focus placed to the front of the folder.

It would be nice if that lister for that folder would at least return to the position of the last file added - which may not be possibile after the res-sort. Can this process be controlled in some fashion?

Refresh and re-sort of newly copied items happens by default.

Make sure you have not turned off Preferences / File Operations / Copy Options / Sort newly created and copied files.

See also the troubleshooting suggestions in the Changes to folders are not always detected guide.

you mean not turned on, don't you ?

No, you want that option to be on, if you want new files to be sorted. So make sure you have not turned it off, if that is what you want.


I'd rather have it off so the display doesn't jump to the top of the folder everytime I update it with/add a file.

I presume this option wouldn't have any affect the next time the folder is open for display or with a different lister; and things would sort normally again.

It doesn't cause the display to jump; it just inserts the new files into the display where they should be according to the sort order, rather than adding them to the very bottom of the list.

You said in the first post:

That makes it sound like you want the new files to be sorted, not at the bottom? If so, turn the option back on. If not, please re-state the question as I am confused. :slight_smile:

Sorry for the condusion.

I meant to insert that as a contrast to the behaviour I mentioned at the end.


So what is it that you want? I'm lost to be honest, sorry.

I will be turning that feature off.

My question remains from my prior comment is that I assume opening a new lister on that folder will automatically resort things as specified. The statement in the preferences about not sorting "new" files wasn't really clear as to what is new and what isn't

It will.

Open the Preferences page and push F1, or click the help icon at the top-right of the window. Each option is described in more detail there:

Sort newly created and copied files: Normally when files are copied to or created in a file display, they are automatically sorted into their proper position (based on the current sorting parameters). If you turn this option off they will instead be added, unsorted, to the end of the list.

"Newly created and copied files" means files that have appeared in the folder since you opened it in the current window.

hmm, sorry, I have one more question
is there a way to apply that rule by folder ?

(Apologies, I missed this until now for some reason.)

No, that particular setting is only for the whole program, not individual folders / tabs / windows.

Just a side note. This setting applies also to renaming operations, not just copying (which is just what I was looking for). Thanks!