Folder format: background color disappears after DOpus restart (FlatView)

Hello, I have set FlatView to have a yellow background so I am constantly aware I'm in FlatView mode. However when I close DOpus and reopen, the pertaining Folder Tab will correctly be opened again, in FlatView mode, but NO background color. Why is this? Is there any other aspect that gets "lost" in this situation?

Thank you.

Related, something similar applies to InlineSearch (I mean: Filter Bar!): When I close and reopen dopus, the filtered list of files is no longer there, for that tab. I.e., for FlatView, FlatView will be retained, but not bgcolor. For InlineSearch (Filter Bar!) (*, then type), the search will not longer be there (and accordingly, the bgcolor that I assigned for this (blue).
I am aware this could slow down DOpus in the first seconds.

I think it would be convenient if there were an option "restore filter bar results of tabs, on DOopus restart".

I am also going to give a use case:

Suppose I have a folder "Documents", with 500 subfolders / sub-subfolders.
These subfolders contain all kinds of file types (in total thousands of files and 50 file types, for example), and notably also txt-files, in all kinds of subfolders

One could now name specific text files as *.i.txt, for example mytext.i.txt, with "i" standing for "important".

It would now be convenient if on every DOpus start, a tab would open that is sorted by Date, is in Flat View mode (files only), and contains only files that match ".i.txt" (filter bar usage).

--> The user would always have a list of / have access to all relevant txt files that were last edited.

For example, in the InlineSearch bar (Filter bar), the user writes "*txt", and if so desired, to filter further shopping(asterisk)txt.

I noticed that shift-control-arrow does not stop at the asterisk - in normal Search, it does stop at least after it.

In fact, perhaps it would be convenient to have two search fields in Filter Bar: The second one could optionally be used by the user to keep the files filtered for a certain set of file extensions, and the first one allowing the user to filter for specific files.