Folder Formats and Toolbar Position Limitations

I have a few task-specific toolbars that open one of two ways:

  1. Toggle button on other toolbar that is always open. As an example a button with the following command would open at the bottom of the lister
Toolbar "images" STATE=bottom LINE=0 toggle

The user can change the "LINE=" number to adjust the toolbar's position relative to the "STATE" when the user has multiple toolbars open in the given location.

  1. Tied to a specific folder's format:

Unfortunately, tying a toolbar to a folder format does not offer the option to adjust the toolbar's position relative to other toolbars open in the given position. There is no "LINE=" equivalent for Folder Formats to my knowledge.

This lack of line control with Folder Formats may cause aesthetic layout problems. It does for me. If there is a way already available to correct this, please advise. Otherwise, request adding a "LINE" parameter to the Folder Formats options:

Try saving a Toolbar Set via the Settings menu, then specify the set in the folder format. I think that should work.

That worked. Thanks Leo!