Folder Formats priority

I use Folder Formats with path regexp's to colour (tab and background) specific folders base on the environment I am in. This is a handy way to visually separate which tabs are different test envs and so on.

It appears that if two Path Formats match the same folder. The Folder Formats are applied in the order they are in the config UI, which is the order they were create. Thus the lower one in the list is applied last, and in my setup thus wins.

Is there a way to change the list order or application order of the folder formats so i can chose which one is applied last and thus wins?

Depending on the regex, you might be able to modify the lower priority one so it doesn't match if the higher priority one would. (e.g. Using a "negative lookahead" pattern, if both just look for different words.)

Yep for now that is what I have. I have only done it for the case that clashes that i know of.

I was trying to play with the order in the file but that didn't help.