Folder formats stopped working

Hello guys,

In the process of customizing my Directory Opus 9 installation I ran into a problem. At first everything went fine, I created some folder formats and everything was working perfectly. Then I decided I wanted to add and edit some styles as well. In the beginning this went fine as well, I created a personal style and it worked perfectly. Then I decided I wanted to edit the "Images" (default) style a little bit, and so I gave it a try. I did not like my changes so I changed them back. But, all of a sudden, my folder formats were not working any more. The folder formats are still in the "preferences" menu, but they don't do a thing. And that's rather annoying, since in some folders I want to filter out hidden folders, and in other folders, like my music folder, I want to use some specific display modes. I cannot get my formats to work again, I wouldn't even know how, since as fas as I know I did not make any significant changes in the settings. Below is a picture of my folder formats as well. I hope you can help me out!

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Some extra info: I use Directory Opus (64 bit version) for Windows 7 professional 64 bit

Maybe you have the Format Lock turned on. It's shown in the status bar (padlock icon) by default.

The format lock is disabled in all of my styles. It is however something I tried out in my changes to the "Images" style described above. I wasn't to my taste, so I turned it off again. BTW: the problem occurs within every style

Is it on or off in the actual lister (status bar)? Styles aren't the only things which can turn it on.

That was it, thanks a lot! The status bar was not displayed, so I had to turn it on using "View"-->"Status Bar". So there it was, the tiny little lock, locked. A simple click solved my problem. Took me hours to try and figure out a solution, should have come here earlier :smiley: Thanks again!

You may also need to update your Default Lister (Settings -> Set as Default Lister) or lister layout (if you open a layout at startup instead of the default lister) to stop the lock being turned on in new windows.

(Depends on your setup, though.)