Folder Formats

Hi Guys,

I have finally read the Folder Formats FAQ and I think I have a good understanding of them now. What a difference it makes to Dopus.

Now I wonder if anyone can help me with this problem:

My music is stored with the following folder structure:

M:\A\ACDC\Back To Black
M:\A\ACDC\Back To Black\Track 1.mp3
M:\A\ACDC\Back To Black\Track 2.mp3

M:\A\Arctic Monkeys
M:\A\Arctic Monkeys\Whatever...
M:\A\Arctic Monkeys\Whatever...\Track 1.mp3
M:\A\Arctic Monkeys\Whatever...\Track 2.mp3

M:\B\Beastie Boys
M:\B\Beastie Boys\Paul Boutique
M:\B\Beastie Boys\Paul Boutique\Track 1.mp3
M:\B\Beastie Boys\Paul Boutique\Track 2.mp3

M:\B\Black Sabbath
M:\B\Black Sabbath\Paranoid
M:\B\Black Sabbath\Paranoid\Track 1.mp3
M:\B\Black Sabbath\Paranoid\Track 2.mp3


I have setup folder formats for M: and used the "use as the default format for all sub-folders" option. This will obviously apply the formats to all folders and sub-folders under M: (assuming no other formats have been applied to individual folders of course) including those with music files in them. I want to know if it's possible to set a different format for those containing music files. I have the "music" group setup to display alternative columns etc but this, as expected, doesn't override the folder formats created for M: as it's lower down the list.

Is this possible to achieve this...?



See here and the thread it links to: ... der+format

[quote="leo"]See here and the thread it links to: ... der+format[/quote]

Thanks again Leo... I can't believe I didn't find these links though :blush:

I've got something close to what I want now, not perfect but a lot better.