Folder image?

I want a specific folder to display a specific image (in all views: thumbnail view, list view, etc.). I have tried this in the Windows Properties dialog of that folder selecting a .PNG file or a .ICO file, but it does not work:


The folder thumbnail should also be displayed in the Quick Access list where I have pinned this folder. How can I do this?

Folder Picture is only used in thumbnails mode, I think.

There should be a Folder Icon option as well, but it looks like it's not available for that particular folder for some reason.

Note that all of this is Windows, not Opus. The Properties dialog and icon system are all Windows components and not part of Opus.

The path of the folder is: Y:\Documents\Meine Dokumente

Y:\ is a NETWORK PATH. It seems that this is the reason why the Folder Icon option is missing in the Windows Properties dialog.

However, it is a shame that Directory Opus does not provide an internal Folder Icon option. Directory Opus has so many customization options, why it lacks an own Folder Icon customization?

You can use the labels system to override a folder's icon in Opus.

It won't show up anywhere outside of Opus though.