Folder location setup

I have been using DO for several years, but still use just some of the basic function. I have a new computer and can't seem to be able to set up tabs that take me to a pre set layout. I know DO calls tabs something else, so I do not know the right terminology Styles? just my old layout had tabs at the top of the folder display window that I could click and it would take me to a preset layout exactly the folders I wanted on both the left and right folder tree. what is this called and how do I set it up?


Do you want these tabs whenever a new window opens, or when you select something on a menu or toolbar to open your list of tabs? Both are possible.

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I wanted the tabs to be there every time I open DO. so to be clear, these are just "tabs" at the top that have all the different folder layouts that I wanted. Hope that is clear (and what are these tabs called, as I thin "Tabs" in DO is something else)

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Open the tabs you want, then use Settings > Set as Default Lister.

sorry, very confused. what do you mean "open a tab". I think I am not clear. in the past I had about 10 "tabs" across the top of my two windows that I could click and it would take me to a predetermine lay out. For example one tab may be "C&D drive", when clicked the left window would be my C drive and the right window would be my D drive. this way I could get to an exact layout very quickly. Please give me exact instructions

I think related to this in your help instructions:

These styles are just examples; of course you are free to modify or delete them, and you can also create your own. See the documentation for the Layouts and Styles / Styles Preferences page for a description of how to configure styles.

An alternative way to switch styles is with the style tabs. You can add these to a toolbar from the [Customize](javascript:TL_369495.HHClick()) dialog - look for the Lister Styles - Tabs command in the View category.

In playing more I now see these are called "Lister styles" I now see how to add them to the drop down menu, but not yet how to make "clickable tabs" across the top of my windows. It must be a custom toolbar?

Tabs really are called Tabs...or more specifically, Folder Tabs. Saving the tabs would be a Lister Layout. First, though, you mention tabs across the top. In case they aren't where you want them, you can go to Preferences / Folder Tabs / Options and change the second option there, "Tab position" to put it "Above" (first screenshot below).

You'll notice at the bottom of the second screenshot, next to Documents, there is a little "+" tab. This adds a new tab. Add the tabs you need, navigate each of them to the location you want, and then save the whole setup as a Lister Layout by using Settings / Lister Layouts / Save This Lister. You can even choose to make it the default layout. If you want it to be the default, save the lister layout and then go back to the Settings menu and choose Set As Default Lister.

Sorry, you may be right, but I don't think that is what I was referring to. I think I see the setting in my Lister I created. was there perhaps a way to list the different Listers on top of the windows that are clickable?

OK, found an old config file from 2012. I restored it and it works. It enabled a menu of toolbars and one of the toll bars is "Listers". Not sure why that was not enabled under my new install, but now I have back the toolbar of Listers

sorry for so many posts, actually its a "tab bar" toolbar

You might be thinking of the list of Lister Styles, which are in the Lister menu on the right these days (by default). Those were displayed as tabs (but not folder tabs) back in Opus 9.

Styles do more than just open folder tabs, though.

Yes they are Lister tabs, but not tabs :slight_smile: Yea, think that was the issue. I so enjoy and are so used to that layout, I will probably just keep it. what is the more you can do with the Tab Tabs?


Thanks.. Some Homework!