Folder move or copy

Hi, when i moving a folder, opus does not ask me for merging folder, but i don't want merge folder, i want to rename new moved folder for example. Can Opus ask us like file moving or copyıng for same folders on destination?

You can make general adjustments in the settings and per button fine-tuning with the Copy command.

Thank you, but it would be better if it was added as standard, even Windows Explorer has this feature.

Turn it on if you want it on. It's just one checkbox. The defaults have to make sense for the largest number of people, and prompts before merging folders are annoying to many.

(I'm not sure File Explorer does prompt about merging folders, either. At least on Windows 10, copying New Folder, containing a text file, to somewhere and then doing it again only prompts about overwriting the text file, not merging the two directories. If there are no common files in the source and destination directories, it doesn't even prompt for me.)

if you drag& drop with the right-mouse button then a dialog will pop-up

The Copy As and Duplicate options (in the menu attached to the Copy Files button, if using the default toolbars) can be used to copy/move items while renaming them, if you know you want to rename them before you start.

Sorry, i am wrong, Windows 10 does not have a feature like this (this was in the past, in Windows 7). From where can i open this, can you explain?