Folder name change

Hi Fellow Hunters,

I am looking for a simple (i.e. possible button) method to change a lot of folder names i.e. from peter smith to smith, Peter. I have tried looking through the forum but ended up crosseyed, headache and very confused (it does not take much to do this).

So if someone knows of an idiots guide (i.e. no jargon just step one, two three) on how to create something would be very helpful. :thumbsup:

Thank you for any help or advice

You can try this:

[url]Change from Title - Author.ext to Author - Title.ext]

What I have is only Firstname Lastname no " - title ", changed to Lastname, Firstname. I do not need titles as there are only names .
So this wont work for me - (.),(.) - (.).(.)
Can you please give me the correct input for the old name and new name box please

Try this (has to be Regex).

old name:

(.*) (.*)

new name:

\2 \1\3

You can also make a button using this code:

@NoDeselect Rename REGEXP PATTERN="(.*) (.*)" TO="\2 \1\3"

Thank you works very well , just going to try and make a button now. Fingers crossed

Looked at the above Link and it must be an older version of DO, as I cannot see the customize mode - so sorry to be a newbi, I have the new DO v10. can you please point out where and what to do please. Thanks

Settings -> Customize Toolbars

Yes, I found that but nothing looks the same as the example ?

You need to create and edit a new button.

Check out the tutorial video about toolbar editing:

Just tried that and yes I created a drive Button - caused a few problems but I overcame them and removed the DriveButton.

The vidio is for v8 and looks nothing like v10, and it does not look like it is what I need to insert abr's code, I managed to create a new button by clicking on a blank area and going to commands "New(4)" but now I am stuck. Sorry to ask - but what next please?

Not much has changed with toolbar editing since the video was made...

After creating a new button (right-click empty part of toolbar, then choose New -> New Button), you should right-click the button and choose Edit.

Then, if you need the button editor to go into multi-line mode, click Advanced.

Thank you, got it to work in the end, sorry for being so slow - just been a bad day. Thanks for helping

No probs. Glad it's working!

Spoke to soon, I turned off DO and had a break, but now when I turn it back on the button is still there just not doing anything, I have checked the button with edit and the code is correct. When I place the curser over the button nothing changes,it stays in the back ground not like the other buttons.

The button will only work if some files are selected; is that all it is?

Found out the problem - I was trying to use it in the folder tree colomn. The button only works in the other column - is that correct?

That's right. Since you can only select one thing at at time in the tree, the tree only supports simple inline-rename. (But you can always go to the parent folder and select the folder you were in in the file display.)

Once again, thanks for the help.

Tommorrow a new day and hopefuly no headache.