Folder-not-found behaviour

When you have open a subfolder in lister and delete the parent folder in tree, you'll get a "folder not found"-error-message. DO simple should be quit in such cases.

Example: "D:\Folder\Subfolder" > Lister shows Subfolder, in tree I delete Folder.

Also when deleting a folder DO does not go up/to parent again (we already had this issue in the past).

For me, it either goes up to D:\ or it goes to the folder next to D:\Folder in the tree (depends on Preferences setting), but never shows an error message:

Are we doing the same thing?

Yes, we're doing the same. In my case DO jumps to next folder in tree ("SteamLibrary" in your video), but lister shows "folder not found".

This might be the same cause why lister here does not go up when a shown folder will be deleted.

Edit: But the contents of the parent folder will be shown in lister!

Are you running any script add-ins? Try disabling them to see if they might be involved in the difference.

Only SelectEx, but deactivating and restarting DO doesn't solve the problem.

Also as said when creating a folder in left lister, open it in right and deleting it in left, right lister does not go up.

BTW it happens on 3 different PC's with independent configs (nothing copied except usercommands).

Completely uninstalled DO and reinstalled, same issue with default settings. But "folder-up-after-deletion" is working again now (also with my imported settings), so there's only the "folder-not-found"-issue left.

Edit: My mistake, DO goes up on folder-deletion, but always tested it by opening the testfolder in dual using middleclick (so there was no parent for DO).

No idea what could cause the message?