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Folder options drop menu/is there anyway to modify? I use duration frequently/have to sub to music for duration command. Any way to add it to primary menu? I can't seem to find it in help files or forum search.

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If you want to edit the menu you get when you right-click the column headers at the top of a Details mode file display, open Settings > Customize Toolbars > Context Menus and double-click Lister Column Header from the list.

Thanks Leo. I was able to remove unused but can't see how to add a menu item?
I did try a variety of 'things'.

The same instructions apply as for editing the toolbar:!Documents/Editing_the_Toolbar.htm

Thanks Jon, according to what I read should be able to drag 'duration' to the menu but it does not work.
What am I not seeing please?

You can edit one of the existing commands to see how they're constructed. Just duplicate one of those, and change the column keyword to the appropriate one from this list (or select it using the drop-down Arguments menu in the button editor):!Documents/Keywords_for_Columns_Set_Command.htm

Okay Jon, thanks so much. I'll keep trying till it all makes sense (dyslexic so takes awhile to make sense) but I've got to feed some kitties right now. I really want to learn how to do this bc I can see the potential to customize opus even more. All these years I've used it as is and love it as is...but with few things I've learned to customize it has added a whole new dimension to opus/my love affair grows :heartbeat:

I have looked and looked/read and reread. I cannot find how to add duration. When I add a new button I can get duration but when clicked defaults to documents and settings. I've tried adding duration button
with this... SET COLUMNSTOGGLE=modified(%headeritem%)/changing modified to mp3songlength and that doesn't work.

If it's a pia to explain further no problem. It would just be very convenient.


That looks correct.

You can also use duration instead of mp3songlength, but they're both the same (two names for the same column.)

Using (%headeritem%) will only work in that particular context menu. It doesn't work anywhere else, if you are trying to make a toolbar button or hotkey instead of adding an item to the same menu as the others.

If you're still having problems, please paste a screenshot of the command editor into a reply here so we can see exactly how it is set up.

Remember to click OK in the command editor to save your changes, too. The menu won't change until you do that. worked :cat::grinning:

I know to hit OK.
It might have been when adding the function perhaps an added space that I didn't see.
Using duration simplifies so I went with that.

I turned 70 end of May...all these years using/loving opus and now customizing it to my heart's desire.
Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks :wink:


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