Folder Presets & Toolbars


I find no way to quicly apply certain, predefined folder-settings to a bunch of folders. Let's say I have:

My Music
+---- Albumname

I want "My Music" to be listed normally, expanded. The "Bandname" folder is a thumbnail view, showing the album-covers, while Ablumname already shows the MP3 files in a special, MP3 centric listview.

ATM I need to set this for every folder seperately, which sums quite up with a big collection. What I am missing is a "copy from..." or "set to..." option in the Extras/Folder-Options dialog.

The other, highly desired thing, would be path-dependant toolbar-configurations, meaning, that I get different toolbars for each path I may have set up in order to do so. This would allow me to add additional toolbars to folders, which contain collections of photographs or music.

Hope I did not overlook my possibilities, :wink:

What would be a nice addition however is to create these folder types using wildcards or levels. By this i mean, all 2nd level directories under My Music will have one format and all 3rd level dir structure will have another format. This will all bandnames to have one format and all album names to have another while only taking up 2 lines in the Folder format dialogue box and would not require you to go into folder preferences to add each new album as you get more to add to your collection.

Just a thought.

Under Preferences, Folders, Folder Formats you can add Favorite Formats which then can appear as a list in your toolbars or in a submenu. That makes it easy to switch to a given mode but it's still quite tedious to switch to it and then save it for all the folders involved.

You can get the Albumname folders as you want them pretty easily using Content Type Formats, adjusting the Music one that should already be there (and turning on Content Type Detection on the Options tab if it was off). Of course, this will also be applied to other folders which mostly contain MP3s.

If you set the My Music folder to thumbnails and check the box which applies the setting to subdirectories (which is only available when editing the folder options via Preferences and not available via the standalone Folder Options dialog) then you'll get all your Bandname folders using thumbnails in one go. But at the expense of having the My Music, and probably the Albumname, folders that way as well. So not too great.

I'd say the simplest way of solving the problem would be for Opus to allow regular expressions for the path of saved Folder Formats. Then this would be trivial and very powerful!