Folder Print Tabbed Output Not Working

I have made multiple attempts to generate a Folder Print Flat, Grouped with both tab and csv output to no avail. The output generated has no tabs, spaces or commas when I view it in MS Word, Wordpad and Notepad

What am I doing wrong?

Are you actually printing multiple columns? i.e. Do you just have the Name column in the Format box at the bottom of the Print Folder Contents window, or do you have some other columns as well?

Maybe it would help if you posted a screenshots of your Print Folder Contents window so we can see what you are doing.

Oh, if you are sending the output to a file, rather than the clipboard, then make sure you remove the file extension from the name when you browse for an output name/type. If you don't then Opus seems to ignore the type drop-down. (I've filed a bug report.)

If you output to the clipboard then that isn't a problem.

I am only printing the file name and extension.

I have tried every combination of things I can think of and cannot get this feature to work. I selected Tab Type and entered a filename with no extension. The result was the same, no tabs, just a flat listing with no spaces or other formatting. I have tried saving it to the clip board and dumping it into WordPad, again, the same result.

Please post a screenshot showing the Print Folder Contents window.

Here is the screen shot

Could you resize the window (or the columns) so we can see all of the columns at the bottom?

The column shown is the only column that is there.

If you're only printing one column then exactly what is it you want to have tabs separate?

I want it to indent folders, subfolders and files with only the filename and extension listed.

If you want the extension listed you will have to add the extension column to the columns to be printed. If all that is listed is the Name column then that is all that will be printed.

I'm guessing you don't know what tab-separated or comma-separated files are if that's what you're trying to do. If you want Flat-View: Grouped output to a file then output to a standard text file, not tab separated.

Tab and comma separated files are for outputting data with multiple columns which makes no sense when you only have one column defined. (It also excludes any indentation of the Flat View: Grouped filenames, at least in the current verison of Opus.)

I know perfectly well what delimited files are. I have been working with them for nearly 30 years.

I am using the terminology here because I have successfully created indented output from Opus previously with only the filename and extension (but I can't duplicate it). Because I was able to do that, I was under the impression that Opus was using the delimiters for indenting.

You can't have a tab-separated file with only one column in it. The whole point is that the tabs separate the different columns - if there's only one column there is nothing to separate.

If you just want to generate an indented list of a folder and its sub-folder contents, then as Leo said, you need to select the Plain text option rather than tab or comma separated.

Thanks. That works.