Folder Shortcut that Opens FTP Site?


Is it possible somehow create new folders that aren't actually folders... instead when double clicked they will open up one of my FTP sites?

I basically want to make my FTP sites be as similar to folders on my actual computer as possible. So I'd like to have these "folder shortcuts" at logical places in my folder tree and to be displayed in the proper order.(ie: mixed with actual folders in the correct alphabetical position) I'd also like the option to make the folder a different colour so as to remind me when I'm about to open an FTP site.

I'd imagine these folder shortcuts can already be achieved some how in DOpus which is why i'm trying the help forum first...


The best I can think of is that you create toolbar buttons which go to your FTP sites and then drag them into the directories you want them in. But they will appear as files and not directories.

Maybe one of the programs which adds FTP sites to Explorer will also work with Opus, but even then I expect you'll still have all the sites in a particular place in the folder tree and not be able to put them inside random directories.

Thanks for the reply. I guess I'll leave it as is... for now. :slight_smile:

I just tried to add one of my ftp sites to a custom 'File Collection' and it adds it just fine... I'm not sure if this would be of any more use to you than just using the FTP site menu as toolbar buttons like Nudel said, but one caveat I'd like to ask for input on using file collections with FTP sites (and I don't mean to hijack your thread) is that if you drag an FTP folder to the 'File Collections' tree item, then a new file collection is created with the name of the FTP folder. If you then click on this in the tree, it certainly navigates to that folder, but if you try to double click on any folder in the file pane of the lister, it does nothing... i.e. it doesn't open the clicked folder. What I've noticed is that the ftp folder that I've added 'as' the collection appears in the tab title bar... not the full path with the FTP URL. If I right-click on one of the folders and select Open from the context menu, it then opens the folder and shows the entire FTP URL to it, after which I can then navigate up and back down through any directory structure I want... weird. Now, if I were to manually create a new custom file collection, then drag an FTP folder to it, I can click on the new file collection, see the added folder, and double-clicking it opens it and populates the FTP URL in the tab title bar... the difference being clicking on the actual collection takes you nowhere, you have to actually double-click on the added FTP folder 'in' the collection to see the folder contents.

I'm done with blabbing now... for what it's worth :slight_smile:.


New to the forum ... but you can create a quick link to an FTP site - just like a drive letter in the tree that works all the time for me. If this is like ... old news ... then forgive the forum newbie.

I prefer the drive list to be centered between the two pane lister layout - from back in my Amiga days. So that is how I have it configured now. I wanted the ability to quickly connect to some of my ftp hosts without having to go to the top menu and choose the ftp site from the drop-down list. I wanted to be able to click on a drive button in the center layout and have it take me to that ftp site.

It ended up being very easy.

IF you don't already have the drives list visible, do the following:

Right mouse click any blank area of the menu bar
Choose Customize from the pop-up menu
From the 'Toolbars' tab, place a check by 'Drives' and
click close.

You should now see a listing of all the drive letters available on your system. If you have a dual pane layout - and wish to have the toolbar sandwiched vertically between the two panes, click-and-hold the left mouse button over the the series of dots "...." on the left most end of the 'Drives' toolbar and drag you mouse over to the middle of your screen and drop it between the two panes in the lister.

Now the fun part.

In any blank area of the menu bar - right click and choose 'Customize' - then minimize the customize dialog box that appears. Next right click over a blank area of your 'Drives' toolbar, and select 'New Button' from the pop-up menu.

Now, right click over the 'New Button' that was just created and choose 'edit' from the pop-up menu.

Rename 'New Button' to 'FTP' or whatever you like - it doesn't have any impact on function.

In the 'Function' drop down menu, choose 'FTP Site List'
Click 'OK' and Voila - you have individual clickable menu buttons for each FTP site defined in your sitelist.

You may need to go back into edit your sitelist to rename the site to fewer letters to work better with a vertical 'Drives' toolbar layout ...

for instance, I have '' as the host name and the host address. Directory Opus auto resized the button toolbar to accomodate all those letters. YUK. So I went to 'FTP' - 'Edit Site List' and I changed the host name portion to a three letter shortcut 'BFH' ... you could use just a single letter - but that will not impact access - only appearance on the 'Drives' toolbar and in the Site list itself. Now when I click 'BFH' in the Drives list - I am taken to that ftp site in the active lister pane. I have several FTP sites defined - so they all appeared as clickable buttons from this one action.

Another simple and easy way is to add FTP sites to the toolbar using the GO command. You can do thius manually ot the easiest way is to get Opus to create the button automatically for you.

Open Preferences and go to ther section showing your FTP Address book. Now enter Customise mode and then drag the FTP Site out of the Address book and drop this on the toolbar. This will create a new button using the GO command for that specific site.


HEY! I like your suggested method even better. Less work - and it even provides a cute little icon :slight_smile: