Folder Size not refreshing after normal operations

I have enabled Folder Size column to see folder sizes.

When I do a normal operation like copy or move, the destination view does not show the new folder size immediately. I have to manually hit Refresh to see the size.

I want to see the size when I do the normal operations without me hitting refresh every time.

It doesn't refresh automatically, only on demand or (if configured to) when changing folders.

Calculating a folder's size can take significant time and disk access, so we avoid (re-)doing it constantly. There also isn't really a good way to track just the changes to a folder's size in Windows.

There is a tool called Folder Size which adds a column along the lines of what you want which works in both Explorer and Opus. We used to link to that from the Calculate Folder Sizes Automatically FAQ but no longer do, I think because it doesn't work that well with newer versions of Windows and hasn't been updated in some time, but I could be misremembering.

I want to work with Opus Folder Size column only. So can I configure Opus to refresh automatically after copy and move?

Or should I write custom buttons for copy/move? Is that even possible? For Opus to know when the copy/move operations are finished and then refresh?

You could do that but then if, as an example, you copied a single file to C:\ then it would you'd trigger a very long folder size calculation of everything in and below C:\ for no real reason. I'm not sure that would be a good idea. You'd also have no way to make this happen if something outside of Opus modified things (which is happening constantly in the background, at least for the C:\ drive.)

If usually just push F5 (and then Ctrl-K if auto-calculation isn't turned on in the folder; Ctrl-L in older toolbars/configs) if I need to refresh the folder size data.

We are not supposed to mess with windows partition and copy stuff to C:. :wink: That is a complete non issue. I'm exploring sub folders far from the root and on other drives. Even if I copied files to a root folder or C:, it's no problem for me. I'm aware of what's happening.

The reply is not clear what is possible. There are 2 ways. Is it an option that Opus constantly refreshes? Or to create a custom button?

I think creating a custom button is the elegant way, after the copy, opus refreshes. Is that possible and what should I write? Opus can know when a copy/move is finished?

It was actually a lot easier than I thought, I use this

However, this is not complete. In a normal copy operation, the files folders copied stay selected in the destination view. With Refresh, they are unselected, how can I both refresh and keep the selection in the destination?

Using this and it is not working:

This also doesn't work, it re-selects the files in the source window

Set FOCUS=dest

Try GetSizes NODESELECT to recalculate the size of what's selected (or everything if nothing is selected), and removing any (re)select/refresh commands.

Thank you so much. This works

Set FOCUS=dest

You have to use Set FOCUS=dest otherwise it doesn't work.
The bonus is that the source files stay selected after operation.

By the way, question I'm wondering for years and years. In a dual vertical view, how you are supposed to change focus with mouse? If you click on any pane, the selection is gone.

Click the file display border/toolbar (there are options to make the buttons not do anything if it isn't already source), or the status bar, or the scrollbar, or the folder tab or tab bar.

Hi, where do you implement this solution?

Which solution do you mean?

Where do I implement these lines?

It can depend how you're copying the files, but if you're using the Copy Files button near the top-left of the default toolbars then you could edit that and replace the command in it.

(Settings > Customize Toolbars is used to start editing toolbars. Then right-click the button and choose Edit.)

Thank you.