Folder synchronization with slight different names

Hello :slight_smile:

When working with Unreal Engine 4, the folder structure for code is usually as follows:

|-- ProjectName.uproject   // (Just in case, this is a file!)
|-- Source/
    |--- ProjectName/
        |--- Private/
        |--- Public/

And pretty much all the structure inside Private and Public is the same, except that usually header files are inside Public and cpp files are in Private.

Is there a way to have two open listers side by side and, when navigating in one (e.g. private), the other one (e.g. public) will update automatically, so I can always see corresponding files? :smile:

Thanks in advance!

Check out Navigation Lock.

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I remember that there was something like that, but wasn't being able to find the name of the feature!

Thanks, that's exactly what I needed! :smiley: