Folder Tab Customized Icons anomaly

After restoring my system drive from a very recent (4 days old) backup image with Norton Ghost 9.0 everything seemed 100% perfect.But after a while I noticed that the customized Icons of some Windows folders are not always displayed (a few times they are or they get corrected later by opening another file) in the folder tab icon although there's is no issue with this in other programs e.g. ACDSee or the MS Windows Explorer or in the folder tree/actual window of DOpus.Does anybody know how that could be happening and if I can do something about it?Thanks.

So I believe what you're saying is that if you enter into a folder whose icon you've customized, the custom folder icon is not immediately displayed in the folder tab? If so... confirmed, I see the same thing. After clicking RMB on a folder 'test' and selecting Properties->Customize, changing the icon to something and even stopping/restarting Opus and opening a new lister... the custom folder icon is only showed for me if I hit .

Yeah exactly my problem.So this is typical behavior?
Stangely, I don't remerber that happening before.I'm working all the time with these customized folders which I tend to recognize just by their icons and I think I would have noticed.
F5 corrects this but it's no solution.Can Dopus display the icons correctly from the start?
I hope somebody at GPSoftware will do sth about it.

Go to the GPSoft website and make an official technical support bug report...

FWIW (which isn't that much since I don't work for GPSoft and thus can't fix the bug anyway) I can't reproduce the problem... But it's kind of the opposite for me: My folder tabs never display the custom icon I've set for some folders; it's always the default icon, even if I press F5 lots etc.

Oh, I tell a lie... If I turn the folder tree on and then press F5 a lot I can see the tab shows the custom icon briefly, then goes back to the default icon after the refresh is complete. I don't know if the tree is triggering it or if it's just because having the tree there makes the F5 refresh take slightly longer so I have time to see the icon. (The icon does flicker very slightly when I press F5 without the tree but it's too fast to see what's being drawn.)

Hi, I experience the same problem. My tabs just display the default folder icon BUT sometimes (rarely) the customized icon appears, and I don't know why.

Have you solved this problem? Is it a bug? Is it fixed?


Has who solved it - :slight_smile:?

This is a user forum... so I'd suggest the same to you as to Olyrous; goto GPSoft support site and submit a support ticket. I don't 'think' there will be any configuration change or simple suggestion that solves this.