Folder tabs and folder view formats

I have a certain folder, let's call it c:\music, that I have specific folder view settings set for. When I navigate to the folder, those settings come up all well and good. However, when opening a tab group where that folder is one of the tabs, the folder view reverts back to the "default," which I guess is called "Custom."

Any idea how to get my folder view settings to stick when opening folder tab groups?


Tab groups remember whatever folder options were in place when they were saved so you just need to apply the desired format and re-save the group.

Thanks nudel. That was one of my first thoughts, too, before I even wrote to the forum, so I tried it. It didn't work. But, apparently I didn't try it correctly.

I was editing my folder tab groups in Preferences, Listers, Folder Tabs. When editing them there, the view settings for the folders wouldn't stick. However, when I simply opened each folder that I wanted in my group as a new tab within a lister, and then right-clicked on the tabs panel to save my group, then the view settings stuck.

I'm thinking of sending it to GPSoft as a bug report, unless someone thinks that this may have been intentional.

Thanks again.


I've only had a brief play with this but settings seem to stick for me when edited directly in Prefs-Listers-Folder Tabs.

Is it a specific setting that isn't 'sticking' for you?

Yes. The columns displayed (using Power Mode) were not sticking. The other options were all the same as the "Custom" settings, so there may well be other things that wouldn't change, but I wouldn't see them.

On a (related?) note, I've been having trouble in general with the folder view settings since the 8.2 upgrade. I have a button to apply certain content type formats to the current folder (I have all my content type thresholds at 100% specifically so I have to choose which folders are viewed, for example, with my "Music" settings). Every time I apply the content type format to a folder, the columns all auto-size, even though I have explicit widths set in the content type settings, and the "Auto-size columns in details and Power modes" option is NOT checked. It also auto-sizes the columns when I choose "Reset to Custom", again, despite the explicit size requests and the absence of the auto-size option. It's like the auto-size option cannot be turned off.

chriscrutch wrote:
It's like the auto-size option cannot be turned off.[/quote]

Yes this should be fixed in the interim release. This will be available at ... nstall.exe in about 30 minutes or so.

Ok, it appears I did jump the gun a bit. The column sizing is working like it should, now, with Thank you.

However, getting back to the original topic of this thread, I still can't get the view settings to stick when creating tab groups from inside Preferences. It's odd. Like I said earlier, simply opening new tabs, navigating to the correct folder (which shows the correct view settings) and saving the tab groups by right-clicking on the tab bar works like a charm.

I don't really care about it much, since I have a work-around, but it's still an odd occurrance that someone out there might get ticked about, so if I'm needed to help diagnose the problem, I'll be glad to discuss it further.