Folder Tabs Hot Text

We have an option to change tab color based on selected, unselected or hot. We also have an option to change tab text color based on selected or unselected, but not hot. I, for one, would appreciate a hot tab text color option. Please? :smiley:

Coming back to this. I truly appreciate GPSoftware's limited resources and laundry list of fixes and improvements. That said, is there anything technically preventing a hot tab text color option:


Nothing technically prevents it, but it is quite a lot of work & testing relative to the benefit/demand for it.

The tab-painting code is quite complex and changes need to be tested against a lot of options and situations.

The assumption/design is that the chosen hot background colour won't make the chosen text color unreadable.

We'll keep it in mind in case it can be done as part of other similar changes.

Thanks for the feedback Leo. The juice may not be worth the squeeze, but appreciate you keeping it in mind.

@Leo, following up on this. Any similar work that might incorporate this request?

No change from earlier.