Folder tabs names aren't kept correctly

Even in the latest version: when opening 2 or more folder tabs (with double click) in "ecplorer" view, there's a certain probability that the path names shown on the tabs at some point in time get synchronized and show the same paths even if the real "working directory" is (correctly) different. This can happen during normal use of the lister (folder changes, toggling between the tabs, file operations etc.).

That phenomenon accompanies me since my first contact with Directory Opus v8 and it's still here and well alive! Maybe the developers one day give this bug some attention...


I've never seen or heard of this happening before.

Could you take a screenshot the next time it happens to you?

If you can work out some way to reproduce the problem then that would also be handy, of course.

Also, if you want the developers to pay attention to a bug then you should tell them about it, not us. :slight_smile: But we at the forum can help track things down and confirm problems if there are some hints on how to reproduce the problem, which can help GPSoftware fix it.