Folder Tree and Desktop Icons refresh every 90 seconds

I have an issue whereby the folder tree refreshes every 90 seconds, explorer also refreshes but only when DO is open. I have searched the forum but can only find a post from 2010. I am using 12.33 with Win 11 23H2. Any sugestions?

I have seen a few of these automatic refreshes in all open listers in the past few days as well, but not many, and not constantly. I don't know how FE behaves - for lack of use :wink:

I am currently testing some cloud storage providers, but other than this I have no idea what the cause might be. Win 11 23H2 and Opus v13.0.49.

That’s definitely not normal, but may also be hard to pin down.

It’s likely a bug in something outside of Opus, but triggered by Opus querying something. For example, it might happen when Opus asks for the icon for a particular folder that’s handled by a shell extension.

Windows itself has at least one bug where an icon refresh broadcast (technically, SHCNE_ASSOCCHANGED) is triggered incorrectly the first time a process asks the OS for an icon overlay (IShellIconOverlay::GetOverlayIndex). That should only happen once (per process), so it's probably not what's causing a refresh every 90 seconds (unless the bug in Windows has worsened) but it could be something similar.

(The GetOverlayIndex bug in Windows also affects other software. The Total Commander developers discovered this problem before we did: Desktop Icons refresh when starting TC - Total Commander )

In terms of tracking down the cause, I'd start by checking if it still happens when Opus only has one window open, and the folder tree is closed.

If it only happens when the folder tree is open, see if it depends which tree branches are expanded. That could point to a particular folder or type of folder. Turning things off via Preferences / Folder Tree / Contents could also be worth trying.

In particular, Quick Access / Home is one folder that is auto-refreshed every minute or so, which might tie in with what you're seeing.

We've also seen issues with some NAS devices generating change notifications when things are queried (not changed), which causes an endless loop as the query triggers another notification, which triggers another query... That wouldn't normally cause icons to refresh, but a similar bug in something might do that.

Similarly, cloud storage often involves shell extensions and filesystems that can behave strangely, and might be worthy of suspicion when trying to work out which folder is the trigger.

On the other hand, if it still happens with the folder tree closed, see if it matters which folder you're in (try closing all tabs except one pointing to C:\Program Files\GPSoftware). If it still happens even then, if applicable, try closing any custom toolbars and disabling any script add-ins, in case it's tied to those somehow.

Let us know what you find in case we can investigate a cause or workaround on our side.

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Thanks for that extensive reply Leo, you have given me plenty of homework to get on with! I will report my findings.

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Sadly I have had no luck trying any of the things you suggested Leo. What I am going to do is uninstall DO to remove all settings and do a clean install to see if it still happens then, will be a few days though as I need to use it for a project right now. Will keep you posted.