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Folder Tree - auto width

I've been using Directory Opus at least as far back as version 8, i.e., a long time.
I'm using version 12.21 and am at wits-end.
I've been looking everywhere and cannot find the answer.
In the past, in the Folder Tree, if I have a long directory name, the Folder Tree automatically expanded width-wise to show the entire directory name, i.e., so I wouldn't have to expand in "manually" by dragging the double dividing bar to the right. Alternatively, so I wouldn't have to drag the horizontal scrollbar at the bottom of the Folder Tree to the right to see all the longer directory names.
For example.
Subdirectory A XXXXX
Subdirectory B xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I this instance, I have to drag the double-bar in the middle of the view to the right, or use the scrollbar on the bottom of the Folder Tree to reveal the full name of Subdirectory B in the above example.
I know that in previous iterations, I was able to have Directory Opus perform this expansion of width automatically; however, I cannot find how to do this at this time.

Any assistance you can provide would be extremely appreciated.



Can't help with your question but good to see a Clipmate fan. Must be few and far between now. Still my go to Cut n Paste program - it's great as it is but I wish it was still supported.

Has this changed recently? I don't think I have ever seen this kind of behavior.

You could use a button like


to quickly give the folder tree a bit more space.

The folder tree in Opus has never resized its own width (as in the width of the panel relative to the panels next to it).

It has an option to auto-scroll horizontally, and also shows tooltips when you hover over names which are too wide to fit its current width, but that is all.

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