Folder tree follows clicks but not favorites?

Can someone explain the behavior of the Folder Tree following navigation ?

I found a couple of behaviors I don't fully understand:

  1. When clicking in the Folder Tree, the current file list shows the contents of that folder. Navigation using either the tree or the list keeps the two in sync. Moving to another tab will NOT affect the tree selection unless the tree is used to jump somewhere, and then it will follow that tab. I don't think it follows the previously selected tab after that. Is there a way to make the folder tree always show the location of the current tab?

  2. When navigating to a location using a path in the Location toolbar, the Folder Tree is updated to highlight/expand this location. When navigating to the same location using a Favorite entry, it will not. Is there a way to fix this?

Again, I'm looking for the Folder Tree to be a means to navigate in whatever list tab is selected - and always match the location of the selected tab.

Is there anyway to do this?

  1. Finally, is there any way to get "Folder Tree" to show contents of remote resources reached by FTP/SFTP, etc. ?



  1. Tried "Share single tree between dual file displays" option?
  2. Here using Favourite makes tree selection jump to the right place (not expand though).
  3. No unless a drive letter is assigned. Requested a few times. To me it seems problematic to add because of interal DO design.