Folder Tree Fully automatic scrolling right

When enabling fully automatic scrolling for the folder tree, it will go left when the item is hovered. to go right you need to hover the left of the item. Is this by design?

I expected if I hovered the item and part of the text was off to the right side, it would move left to display more of the item. At first it seemed that moving right was broken.
Can hovering them item be made move it right or left to a position where the + is at the zero mark?

Thinking about this more, If the item is hovered

  • If + is off to the left, move right to position the + at the zero mark for the folder tree (as it does now).
  • If text is off to the right. move left to fit the right side of the text in the folder tree view. But not more left than would move the + outside folder tree.

Hope that makes sense

Automatic tree scrolling is something Windows does; we just provide an option to turn it on and off. It always was a bit hit & miss in my experience, as I guess it would be by trying to guess what you want to happen.

Microsoft seemed to add it for themselves and Explorer to use, but then the wind changed and they had a new whim to disable scrolling and half the tree functionality entirely in Explorer (at least by default), so I doubt they'll improve it now. It is what it is. :slight_smile:

Oh i thought that was a dopus feature, not a windows one.
Good to know :slight_smile: